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Advanced Therapists

Combining experience in the development of natural based products for the spa industry and hands-on training in European Spa, where physical therapy and rehabilitation are commonly linked to natural practices and agents, Advanced Therapists have developed the formula for Lymphoderm lotion and bathing gels. Developed for use in a clinical setting and proven safe and effective for daily home care use, all natural Lymphoderm is formulated with the organic healing elements of mineral rich seaweed, herbal extracts and essential oils.

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  1. Lymphoderm Body Lotion

    Specially formulated to meet the needs of Lymphedema patients, Lymphoderm is an all natural daily skin care lotion which protects, nourishes, hydrates and revitalizes
  2. Lymphoderm Bathing Solution

    Botanically based and rich in anti-fungal properties, the all-natural Lymphoderm Bathing Solution is specifically formulated to heal, nourish and protect all skin types
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2 Item(s)