Compression Garments For Lymphedema And More

As part of an industry leading global manufacturer of medical garments, and with it’s headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, Sigvaris serves the American healthcare community in providing high-quality medical compression garments including compression hosiery, compression stockings and compression wraps for lymphedema and more. The Sigvaris products are segmented by compression wear product line, with each collection being specifically designed for the optimum benefit of the end-user for treating lymphedema, acute and chronic edema, as well as related venous insufficiency and other venous conditions.

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Featuring a full range of compression support hosiery from knee high compression stockings, thigh high compression stockings, and compression panty hose, Sigvaris offers a compression wear solution for everyone:

The Sigvaris Essential collection of compression wear, including Sigvaris Cotton Knee High compression stockings, was designed to meet your everyday needs and are an excellent choice for people who seek the comfort, support and reliability of traditional therapeutic compression socks and stockings.

Designed for those who wish to express themselves, the Sigvaris Style collection allows you to select from distinctive hosiery and socks which are as unique as you are. Be sure to check out all the stylish patterns such as the Microfiber Shades knee-high compression stockings.

When daily comfort for hard-working legs is required, look at the Sigvaris Motion collection to provide all day strong support for those with active lives. Be sure to check out the all season Merino Wool knee high stockings!

The Sigvaris Well Being collection features products such as the popular Sea Island Cotton, which help promote leg health and provide light-weight compression for relief from a wide-range of common symptoms such as tired, achy legs, swollen feet and ankles, or for those who have or will be having a vein procedure.

When you have specific medical needs, such as advanced venous conditions, wound care management, lymphatic support or diabetic needs, look at the Sigvaris Medically Complex Edema collection to help take care of yourself. Whether the Secure lymphedema sleeve for the arm or CompreFlex Lite Compression Wrap for legs, the Sigvaris Medically Complex line of compression garments provide needed active treatment and maintenance of lymphedema and chronic venous diseases.

Check out our large selection of edema and lymphedema products from all of the top manufacturers of compression bandages, compression sleeves, compression stockings, compression wraps and other compression supplies.

Our large selection of Sigvaris products includes:

  • Sigvaris compression gauntlets
  • Sigvaris compression gloves
  • Sigvaris compression arm sleeves
  • Sigvaris knee-high compression stockings
  • Sigvaris thigh-high compression stockings
  • Sigvaris compression panty hose
  • Sigvaris Nighttime arm sleeves
  • Sigvaris Nighttime leg sleeves
  • Sigvaris diabetic socks
  • Sigvaris compression wraps
  • Sigvaris compression shorts
  • Sigvaris compression vests
  • Sigvaris athletic recovery socks
  • Sigvaris donning gloves
  • Sigvaris BiaForm short stretch compression bandages
  • Sigvaris chip pads.