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Wear Ease was established over a decade ago to provide products that provide "Comfort with Style". Since it's beginning, Wear Ease has designed products based upon input from fitters, health professionals and patients, helping to provide the design for great surgical bras that can be worn after breast cancer surgery and breast augmentation, during mastectomy recovery, or for every day.

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  1. WearEase Compression Bra

    Designed for providing gentle all-around compression and support to the chest and torso, the WearEase Compression Bra is ideal for post-surgical discomfort or for those women who suffer from breast and torso Lymphedema
    From: $103.99
  2. WearEase Compression Vest

    The WearEase Compression Vest was designed to provide gentle all-around compression to the torso for women with post-surgical discomfort or chest or breast Lymphedema
    From: $99.99
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