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3M harnesses the power of science to make the world safer, more efficient and more prosperous. An American-based multi-national conglomerate, 3M uses science to solve impossible challenges for their customers, and to stretch toward their vision of advancing every company, enhancing every home and improving every life.

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  1. Coban

    Coban is a light weight cohesive elastic that adheres to itself without the use of pins, clips or tape for securing, compression or support
  2. Durapore Silk Tape

    3M Durapore surgical tape is a "silk-like" general purpose paper tape with strong adhesion which works well for many different applications
  3. Micropore Tape (1" x 10yds)

    3M Micropore surgical tape is a gentle, non-irritating general purpose paper tape that is gentle to the skin and yet adheres well
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3 Item(s)