Eclypse Superabsorbent Wound Dressing For Leaky Legs

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Causes of Edema In Legs

There are many causes of edema including venous insufficiency, cardiac problems, lymphedema, nutritional imbalances, and a range of other diseases.

Effects of Edema In Legs

Edema results in a fluid accumulation in the interstitial compartment of the extravascular space. A grossly edematous leg is physically heavy to lift, affects a person’s mobility and well-being, and has a high risk of infection. In extreme cases, if the volume of interstitial fluid in the affected limb exceeds its capacity to retain the fluid, gross swelling, blistering, and leakage of the fluid onto the skin can occur. This condition of lymphorrhea, known as "leaky legs” or “weeping legs,” is characterized by a constant flow of fluid from the swollen edematous leg. Leaking legs and weeping legs are a challenge for health care providers to manage and treat…and for patients to live with.

Weeping Legs / Leaky Legs

The leaking fluid feels wet and quickly becomes cold. The leaking fluid can soil and saturate wound dressings, compression bandages, clothing, and linens. Prolonged exposure to moisture from the leaking fluid, combined with the fact that it’s acidic, softens and thins the surrounding healthy skin, thereby worsening the existing situation. Additionally, compromised skin means that there’s a direct port of entry for infection. A leg infection can often lead to cellulitis, which is an acute, spreading infection of the subcutaneous tissues and fat.

Superabsorbent Dressing For Weeping Legs / Leaky Legs

Management of leaking interstitial fluid centers on selecting the appropriate wound dressing in order to control the fluid, maintain skin integrity, and prevent further complications. While there’s a wide range of wound dressings for dealing with this fluid, the choice becomes severely limited when dealing with a grossly edematous leg, characterized by excessive leakage. Alginate wound dressings can quickly become overwhelmed and saturated, while adhesive dressings can become heavy, causing them to pull down on the skin. Because the skin on weeping legs and leaky legs is already in a fragile state, the wrong wound dressing could compromise it further.

Solutions For Managing Weeping Legs / Leaky Legs

Advancis Medical offers the Eclypse line of superabsorbent wound dressings, as well as the Eclypse Boot dressing. Uniquely designed to conform to and dress the entire lower leg, the Eclypse Boot is an innovative and effective choice to help manage lymphorrea, as well as other moderate to heavily exuding wounds.

Step by step instructions on the use of the Eclypse Boot Superabsorbent Dressing

Case Studies For Weeping Edema Dressing

Advancis Medical has chronicled several case studies of Eclypse wound dressings, which evaluate their ability and effectiveness to manage gross edema and the associated fluid leakage (weeping legs / leaky legs).

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