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Bandages Plus Finger & Toe BAND - Durable Compression for Fingers & Toes

Bandages Plus Finger & ToeBAND® vs Traditional gauze bandages

Ever since KT Medical stopped producing their unique finger and toe wraps a number of years ago, we have had constant inquiries for a replacement product.  Unfortunately, there was nothing that we could recommend to our customers.  The other "traditional" gauze bandages that were are able to offer either featured a loose woven structure much unlike the KT Medical product, or were much wider and had to be folded in order to achieve the desired width.  Because we understood the need for a durable, yet comfortable finger and toe wrap that would be able to provide effective compression, we continuously sought out a suitable replacement for the KT Medical wraps.  After years of searching, we are pleased to announce that we are able to offer our customers the new Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND®

While totally suitable and very popular for providing light compression for the fingers and toes, many of the traditional gauze bandages feature a loose weave in their structure.  The looser weave makes these bandages less durable, and allows for loose ends and surfaces that can snag on skin or clothing.  We are oftentimes asked whether the traditional gauze bandages can be washed, and while they certainly can, the loose weave really isn't condusive to repeated use and washing.  The tighter weave of the Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND® allows these bandages to be washed for repeated, on-going use, making them a much more economical choice than traditonal gauze bandages. 

Bandages Plus Finger & ToeBAND® - A Great Alternative

When searching for a suitable replacement for the KT Medical wraps, we understood the need to develop a product that was easy to apply and comfortable to wear, provided the needed compression, offered durability and was made in convenient sizes that would be required for finger and toe wrapping.  We believe that the new Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND® products meet all of these requirements.

Bandages Plus FingerBANDBandages Plus Branded ProductsBandages Plus ToeBAND

Easy Application, Contour Shaping and Wearing Comfort

Made from lightweight natural, unbleached cotton, the Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND® bandage wraps area easy to apply and effortlessly contour to the shapes and sizes of the fingers and toes being wrapped.  The high cotton content of the bandages makes them soft to the skin and cool and comfortable to wear.  Specially developed for use on fingers and toes, the respective 3cm and 2cm width of the Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND® is perfectly sized and eliminates the need of folding the bandages.    

One-way Stretch and Consistent Compression 

Featuring a one-way stretch, the Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBANDs® are able to provide consistent compression when used for finger and toe applications in treating Lymphedema.

Tightly Woven Structure for Durability

One of the best features of the Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND® bandages is the tighter weave of the bandage structure (lower item in picture), making them much more durable than traditional gauze bandages (upper item in picture). Comparison of BP Finger and ToeBAND to traditional gauze wraps

Not only does the tighter weave provide longer lasting and repeated use, it eliminates loose ends and uneven surfaces which can easily get snagged on rough skin texture, clothing or other bandaging items.  Being able to wash and dry, these bandages will be a longer lasting, economical choice over other traditional gauze bandages.

Share Your Thoughts about the Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBANDs®!

We hope that you will try the new Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND® for your finger and toe wrapping needs and invite you to share your experience with others by visiting the item page and clicking on "Write a review". You will be helping others to better understand their options in effective treatment of their edema and other venous conditions.