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Comprilan Wraps And Comprilan Bandages

Comprilan wraps and bandages are often used for the treatment of lymphedema, edema, and venous conditions. These short stretch compression bandages - along with foam padding and gauze bandages - create an effective lymphedema treatment solution.
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Lymphedema Wrapping

Comprilan Wrap / Comprilan Bandages For Lymphedema

Made by BSN Medical, the Comprilan compression bandages apply enough pressure to help prevent fluid from accumulating yet don’t cut off circulation.

Features of Comprilan Wraps / Comprilan Bandages

Features of the Comprilan short stretch compression bandages include:

  •  - Breathable and comfortable to wear
  •  - 100% woven cotton
  •  - Textured fabric structure helps each layer of the Comprilan wrap adhere to the next layer
  •  - Lengthwise extensibility of approximately 90% (which helps move lymphatic fluid out of a limb)
  •  - Provide the ideal high working pressure and low resting pressure
  •  - Latex-free
  •  - Machine washable (which makes it easy to clean the reusable compression bandage)

Uses For The Comprilan Wraps / Comprilan Bandages

Indications for the Comprilan wraps and bandages include:

  •  - Chronic lymphedema
  •  - Acute lymphedema
  •  - Venous edema
  •  - Other venous conditions

Comprilan Wraps / Comprilan Bandages Sizes

We have the Comprilan wraps and bandages available in the following sizes:

  •  - Comprilan 4cm x 5m wraps / bandages
  •  - Comprilan 6cm x 5m wraps / bandages
  •  - Comprilan 8cm x 5m wraps / bandages
  •  - Comprilan 10cm x 5m wraps / bandages
  •  - Comprilan 12cm x 5m wraps / bandages
  •  - Comprilan 10cm x 10m wraps / bandages
  •  - Comprilan 12cm x 10m wraps / bandages

Comprilan Wrap vs Ace Bandage

In general, Comprilan wraps (short stretch compression bandages) are a much better choice for lymphedema treatment than ACE bandages (medium and long stretch bandages). The Comprilan wraps are designed to actively apply pressure, which helps prevent fluids from building up and controls swelling. ACE bandages, which are elasticated bandages, are more commonly used to treat sports injuries. ACE bandages can stretch up to 300% of their original width, versus the Comprilan short stretch compression bandages, which will only stretch up to 50% of their width.

Other Information About Comprilan Wraps And Bandages

Please read our Returns Policy regarding lymphedema products.

If you need assistance with questions about Comprilan wraps and bandages or our other lymphedema products, you can call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern time, at (800) 770-1032, or email us any time at

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