Bandages Plus Full Leg Bandaging Kit

Bandages Plus Full Leg Kit

Rosidal Deluxe Double Arm Lymphset

Rosidal Deluxe Double Arm Lymphset

Bandages Plus Arm Kit

We have made it easy to order everything you need to begin lymphatic treatment on the arm! Short stretch compression bandages, padding, foam, gauze, tape, and a tubular stockinette are all included in this convenient lymphedema compression bandaging kit.

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Lymphedema Compression Bandaging Kit For Arms

Now there is no need to search for all the components you need for an effective, multi-layer compression bandaging system for arm! Based on the recommendations of a Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) therapist, we have put together a compression bandaging kit for the treatment of lymphedema and edema in the arms.

What Is Included In The Arm Compression Bandaging Kit

The arm compression bandaging kit contains:

  •  -  1 short stretch bandage (6cm x 5m)
  •  -  1 short stretch bandages (8cm x 5m)
  •  -  1 short stretch bandage (10cm x 5m)
  •  -  2 foam padding rolls (10cm x 3m)
  •  -  1 foam roll (.5cm x 10cm x 2m)
  •  -  1 tubular stockinette (8cm)
  •  -  6 gauze bandages (4cm x 400cm)
  •  -  6 gauze bandages (6cm x 400cm)
  •  -  1 roll of medical tape (2.5cm x 100cm)

Uses For The Arm Compression Bandaging Kit

Uses for the arm compression bandaging kit include treatment for:

  •  - lymphedema
  •  - edema
  •  - other medical conditions

Main Components Of The Lower Leg Compression Bandaging Kit

Each item in the bandaging kit plays an important role in the effective treatment and management of lymphedema and edema:

Tubular Stockinette: The tubular stockinette is the first layer of compression bandaging, and it helps protect the skin from the pressure caused by the foam padding and the short stretch compression bandages.

Foam Padding and Foam Roll: Foam padding plays an important role in a multi-layered compression bandaging system by creating pressure and breaking up concentrations of heavy lymph fluid.

Short Stretch Compression Bandages: Short stretch compression bandages help create the working pressure needed to treat lymphedema and prevent the expansion of swelling or edema. Because these bandages simultaneously provide pressure and expand, they help move lymphatic fluid out of the leg. There are 3 different sizes of short stretch compression bandages included in the kit.

Click here to see the table for sizing conversions (inches to centimeters).

Return Policy For Arm Compression Bandaging Kits

Please read our Returns Policy regarding bandages and bandaging supplies. If you need assistance, you can call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am – 5:30 p.m. Eastern time, at (800) 770-1032, or e-mail us any time at

For more options, see our main section for ready-made bandaging kits for lymphedema.

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