New CircAid Reduction Kit Products - Better Than Bandaging

Use of the CircAid® Reduction Kit for Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy

Understanding that effective compression starts with know how and creativity, CircAid® Medical Products, Inc. has developed the Reduction Kit product line for use as in providing functional compression for the initial, intensive decongesting treatment phase of both upper and lower extremity lymphedema. Designed with patient engagement in mind, the CircAid® Reduction Kits offer a unique treatment application which anticipates improved clinical outcomes as a result of better patient understanding and compliance!

Multi-Layer Compression Bandaging in Treating Lymphedema

Traditionally, compression bandaging has been used as the main component of the initial "intensive" phase of complete decongestive therapy, or "CDT", and is performed to reduce limb volume as part of a Lymphedema treatment program. The bandaging actually consists of a multi-layer compression bandaging system, and includes elements such as an inner "stocking-like" fabric, known as a tubular stockinette, followed by a layer of padding made of polyester, cotton, or foam that is placed over the stockinette. An outer layer of multiple overlapping short stretch bandages is the final component of the multi-layer compression bandage.

While proven effective, the use of multi-layer compression bandaging has its drawbacks. First and foremost, the application of the bandages is time consuming and requires application by a skill clinician to ensure that it is done correctly. The inability of the individual patient to bandage themself does not promote self-care, does not provide sustained therapeutic levels of compression over time and forces the patients to return frequently to the therapist for follow up visits. Lastly, the wearing of the bandages negatively impacts the patient’s quality of life with regard to comfort and personal hygiene, ultimately contributing to low levels of compliance.

CircAid® Reduction Kits - A Better Alternative to Bandaging

Understanding the limitations of compression bandaging in treating lymphedema, CircAid® developed the Reduction Kit product line as a unique and innovative alternative treatment method, focused on patient participation, understanding and compliance.

The CircAid® Reduction Kits are a one-size-fits-all, easy-to-use, limb-specific and instantly adjustable compression component that are fitted to the individual patient’s size and shape. Made from breathable inelastic material, the Reduction Kit components follow the contour of the limb, which helps to maximize comfort and reduces slippage. Consisting of a series of offsetting bands which are wrapped about the limb and fastened with hook and loop closures, the individual components are quickly and easily applied, removed or adjusted. Providing the patient the ability to remove and reapply the garment themselves helps to increase compliance and hygiene, greatly leading to improved results with fewer follow up sessions with the therapist.

In short, the CircAid® Reduction Kits provide clinicians and patients alike, a quick, simple and effective therapeutic compressive application for controlling acute, early-phase edema, while offering a simple and cost-effective solution that promotes a healthy lifestyle and state of mind!

Case Study

Simply claiming the superiority of the Reduction Kits over traditional bandaging was not enough. To support and assess their claim, CircAid® conducted a case study involving 49 patients and 11 therapists in 8 facilities across the U.S. and abroad. Following standard protocols of regular check-up appointments, routine skin care and Manual Lymph Drainage throughout the treatment period, the assessment considered the following:

  • Ease of initial application
  • Application time
  • Fit and comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Reduction of edema
  • Patient compliance and hygiene
  • Overall quality

One of the most dramatic cases involved a 70 year old man who used the Reduction Kit on both lower leg. With a condition that included extreme swelling and significantly damaged skin, after just over 2 months of use, and only 11 visits, the patient experienced an overall reduction of over 33%.


Patient before treatment


Patient after treatment

The clinician commented that 11 visits was far lower than the number which would be usual for a patient with such severe symptoms. The patient commented that he was especially pleased with the product and appreciated the ease of removal of the garment, which helped in his compliance with wearing it. So for both the clinician and patient, the use of the Reduction Kit was a win-win!

The details of this, as well as the results of other case studies may be found by downloading the results of the clinical study:

CLICK HERE TO OPEN -  The CircAid® Reduction Kits - Background and Clinical Study Results (PDF)