Lymph Relief Bras – Compression Bras For Lymphedema and Post-Surgery

Lymph Relief Bras – Compression Bras For Lymphedema and Post-Surgery

Compression Bras And Garments for Lymphedema and Post-Op: FAQs About Compression Bras

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After breast cancer surgery, compression bras can help prevent lymphedema and excessive swelling, make you feel more comfortable, and speed up your recovery. Choosing the best compression bra for lymphedema or post-op can not only affect how you feel wearing it, but also how quickly you heal. We carry a large selection of comfortable, effective, and attractive compression bras, compression vests, compression tops, and compression camisoles that fit well and promote healing for lymphedema, post-op, and other medical conditions, and making the best decision for your particular needs can feel overwhelming. Therefore, we have created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about compression bras which will hopefully help you in your product selection, decision-making process. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about compression bras.

What Is Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a medical condition that’s caused by a blockage in the lymph system that leads to an accumulation of lymph fluid. Often occurring when lymph nodes have been removed and/or damaged in the course of treatment for cancer, swelling from lymphedema can be uncomfortable, even painful. Lymphedema can affect many parts of the body, including the arms, legs, and chest.

What Is Lymphedema Relief

While there’s no cure for lymphedema, compression is one of the most effective ways to manage this chronic condition. Compression garments, such as compression bras, compress a focused area of the body in order to promote the drainage of lymph fluid.

What Are Compression Bras For Lymphedema

Compression bras are specially designed bras for lymphedema, edema, post-surgery, and other medical conditions. They’re not the same as sports compression bras, which simply provide ample coverage, fit tightly, and compress the breasts to prevent bounce during recreational activities. Compression bras for lymphedema, on the other hand, have a much more complex design that helps prevent and/or control lymphedema and promote healing.

What Do Compression Bras Do

Compression bras provide constant, gentle compression to the breasts, under the arms, and around the upper chest – almost a massaging effect – which helps stimulate lymph fluid drainage. Compression bras can also be extremely helpful after breast surgery or lymph node surgery, because the bras can help prevent swelling and inflammation, which helps reduce the risk of infection.

Caring For Your Compression Bra

While most compression bras can be machine-washed, you’ll get more life out of your bra if you hand wash it in cold water, with a mild detergent. Fill a sink with cold water, add a small amount of detergent, and let your compression bra soak for an hour or so. Then rinse your compression bra in cold water, press the bra to remove any excess water, and lay it on a counter to air-dry.

Why Wear A Compression Bra After Breast Surgery

Wearing a compression bra after breast surgery can help prevent excessive swelling and promote healing.

How Long Should I Wear A Compression Bra After Breast Surgery

You should consult with your surgeon or lymphedema specialist to get specific recommendations for how long you should wear a compression bra. Oftentimes the recommendation will be for two weeks to six weeks after surgery.

When Can I Take My Compression Bra Off

You should consult with your surgeon or lymphedema specialist to get specific recommendations for when you can take your compression bra off. In your first weeks after surgery, you might need to wear our compression bra 24/7 (except for showering or changing bras).

Getting The Right fit In A Compression Bra

When buying a compression bra, you need to look for a bra that applies the right amount of pressure, fits you well, and is relatively comfortable to wear. A bra specialist or lymphedema specialist can help you choose the right bra.

What Is The Best Compression Bra For Lymphedema Or Post-Surgery

The best compression bra is the one that provides the correct amount of pressure, fits well, and is relatively comfortable.

What Are The Top Brands Of Compression Bras

At Bandages Plus, we have compression bras, vests, tops and camisoles from some of the top manufacturers, including: Anita Unique Bodywear, Wear Ease, JoviPak Belliss, and Sigvaris.

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