Jobst Compression Sleeves: Jobst Bella Lite Arm Sleeves For Lymphedema

Jobst Bella Lite Arm Sleeve

The Juzo Signature Collection of Compression Garments For Lymphedema - Juzo Compression Sleeves in Trend Colors

Juzo Soft Dreamsleeve Compression Arm Sleeve in Signature Trend Colors

Juzo Soft Compression Arm Sleeve

Juzo Compression Sleeves: Arm Sleeves For Lymphedema

The 2000 series (Soft) Juzo compression sleeve for arms is made from the softest of Juzo’s fabrics to help comfortably manage mild to moderate arm lymphedema and is one of our most popular Juzo arm sleeve.
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juzo-soft-arm sleeve 2000 series

Compression Sleeves For Lymphedema

Juzo Compression Sleeves: Arm Sleeves For Lymphedema

Part of the Juzo Soft line of compression sleeves for arms, this Juzo arm sleeve features an opaque seamless knit design, crafted from the softest of Juzo’s materials to provide soft and comfortable compression for the management of mild to moderate lymphedema in the arms. Lightweight and natural, the Juzo Soft compression arm sleeve provides for ease of movement and is almost unnoticeable when worn.


Features of Juzo Compression Sleeves For Lymphedema

Some of the top features of Juzo Soft compression sleeves for arms include:

  •  - Available in a full range of 15mm-20mmHg, 20-30mm Hg and 30-40mm Hg of compression (several choices for managing arm lymphedema)
  •  - Made with protective Lycra threads (offers ultimate wearing comfort)
  •  - Standard silicone beaded border (helps prevent sliding and keeps the arm compression sleeve in place)
  •  - Maximum therapeutic effectiveness for lymphedema, edema, and other medical conditions
  •  - High elasticity for a natural freedom of movement (great for an active lifestyle)
  •  - Easy to clean (you can machine wash and dry the compression arm sleeve)
  •  - Easy donning and doffing (easy to put on and take off)

Recommended for wear with a color-matched Juzo Soft Seamless compression gauntlet or Juzo Soft Seamless compression glove for full hand and arm coverage. See these other options in Juzo Soft compression arm sleeves:

Uses for Juzo Compression Sleeves For Lymphedema

Indications for Juzo Soft compression sleeves for arms include:

  •  - Lymphedema treatment and management (management of lymphedema)

Other Information About Juzo Compression Sleeves, Stockings and Garments For Lymphedema

Please read our Returns Policy regarding compression stockings, compression garments and lymphedema products.

If you need assistance with questions about Juzo compression stockings and garments or our other lymphedema products, you can call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern time, at (800) 770-1032, or email us any time at

Note: Juzo is a trademark of Julius Zorn, Inc.

Thousands of Healthcare Products For Post-Surgery and Lymphedema

In addition to Juzo compression sleeves, stockings and garments, we also have a large selection of lymphedema shoes and boots, as well as bandaging supplies, compression garments, wound care supplies, and skin care supplies.

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