Compression Wraps and Garments - Overview

Compression Wraps and Garments For Lymphedema

Compression garments play an important role in the treatment and management of lymphedema, edema, and other venous conditions.

Compression helps prevent the build up of lymph fluid, and helps push the fluid to an area of the body that’s draining well.

Compression wraps and garments are available in different levels of pressure (as measured in mmHg), and the level of pressure you need will depend on whether you’re in the treatment, maintenance, or prevention phase with your medical condition.

At Bandages Plus, we have everything you need to help treat and control lymphedema, including a wide selection of compression wraps and garments.

Levels of Compression For Compression Garments

Learn about the different levels of compression (mmHg) for compression garments , and which level of compression to use if you’re at risk for lymphedema, have mild lymphedema, have moderate lymphedema, or have severe lymphedema.

Care And Replacement Of Compression Garments And Bandages

Learn how to care for your compression garments and bandages, and when to replace them.

Sizing For Compression Wraps And Garments

Learn how to take measurements and choose the right size of compression wrap or compression garment.

Types Of Compression Wraps And Sleeves For Lymphedema

Learn about the different types of lymphedema compression wraps, including wraps for arms, feet and ankles, knees, and thighs.

Types Of Compression Garments For Lymphedema

Learn about the different types of lymphedema compression garments, including compression stockings, leggings, shorts, arm sleeves, gloves and gauntlets, bras, nighttime garments, and more.

Donning And Doffing Aids For Compression Garments

Learn about donning and doffing aids and how they make it easier to put on and take off compression garments, including compression socks, stockings, hosiery, and arm sleeves.

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