EdemaWear Compression Stockinette

EdemaWear Tubular Stockinettes For Lymphedema

Introducing EdemaWear compression stockings which utilize the new and innovative Fuzzy Wale Compression ("FWC") technology to provide enhanced lymphatic drainage and to treat edema of all types. The EdemaWear tubular stockinettes for lymphedema may be used in conjunction with short stretch compression bandages or lymphedema compression wraps for management of chronic and acute lymphedema, venous edema and other chronic venous conditions.
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Lymphedema Wrapping

EdemaWear Tubular Stockinettes For Lymphedema

(Due to health reasons if opened, this product is non-returnable.)

(Bulk rolls are special order and may take longer for delivery.)

EdemaWear tubular stockinettes are the new way to comfortably enhance the lymphatic function leading to a decrease in painful inflammation at the skin level. Unlike traditional non-compressive stockinettes, EdemaWear tubular stockinettes provide light 15mm - 20mm Hg external compression similar to a tubular elastic bandage. Utilizing the new Fuzzy Wale Compression (FWC) technology developed at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, EdemaWear tubular stockinettes deliver longitudinal compression via the fuzzy wale and Lycra corduroy-like elastic fiber material which the stockinettes are made from. By wearing EdemaWear, the soft and fuzzy wales will over time, gently press into the skin creating a ‘cornrow’ furrow. The areas of noncompressed skin between the furrows act as a zero pressure zone, which enhances lymphatic drainage from the compressed tissue in the furrows. Easy to apply and comfortable to wear, the latex-free EdemaWear tubular stockinettes help ‘melt’ away swelling in the extremities.


Features of EdemaWear Tubular Stockinettes

Some of the top features of EdemaWear tubular stockinettes include:

  •  - Available in a LITE version for use on tender skin, and a shaped (cone-shaped) version to accommodate extra wide thigh measurements (mid-thigh width of up to 60cm)
  •  - May be cut to the desired length and worn directly on the skin on any edematous extremity as EdemaWear compression stockings
  •  - Available in open toe EdemaWear and closed-toe EdemaWear styles
  •  - May be worn alone or under short stretch compression bandages or compression wraps for lymphedema

Uses for EdemaWear Tubular Stockinettes

Indications for EdemaWear tubular stockinettes include:

  •  - Edema of all types
  •  - Venous insufficiency
  •  - Lymphedema
  •  - Congestive heart failure
  •  - Skin protection for "at risk" skin

Other Information About EdemaWear Tubular Stockinettes

Please read our Returns Policy regarding lymphedema products. (Due to health reasons, if opened, this product is non-returnable.)

If you need assistance with questions about EdemaWear tubular stockinettes or our other lymphedema products, you can call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern time, at (800) 770-1032, or email us any time at info@bandagesplus.com.

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