Perform Tex Tape

PerformTex Tape

CureTape - 5cm x 5m

CureTape - 5cm x 5m

PerformTex Tape - Large Roll

With it’s patented twin groove pattern, which has made it what some consider to have been ‘good’, even better, it is designed to aid in recovery, relieve pain and increase mobility, and is quickly becoming the "go-to" kinesiology tape
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PerformTex Tape - Black - 2" x 114' (sku PT2535B)
PerformTex Tape - Green - 2" x 114' (sku PT2535G)
PerformTex Tape - Blue - 2" x 114' (sku PT2535BL)
PerformTex Tape - Mauve - 2" x 114' (sku PT2535M)
PerformTex Tape - Orange - 2" x 114' (sku PT2535O)
PerformTex Tape - Gray - 2" x 114' (sku PT2535T)
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PerformTex Tape with it’s patented twin groove pattern is designed to aid in recovery, relieve pain and increase mobility, making it the "go-to" kinesiology tape

PerformTex kinesiology tape features a patented twin groove technology which improves breathability and wicks away moisture for greater adhesive stability. Specifically designed to aid in recovery, help relieve pain and increase overall mobility, PerformTex Tape is quickly becoming the "go-to" kinesiology tape of choice. Used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified athletic trainers, chiropractors, physicians, manual therapists, nurses, and physiotherapists world-wide, PerformTex Tape offers the same easy-to-apply and effective product that you expect from a kinesiology tape, but available at an attractive and affordable price.

The water-resistant, latex-free PerformTex Tape can be left in place for up to 5 days. Available also in standard size rolls, as well as 7 exciting colors, PerformTex Tape is useful in a wide-range of applications and helps relieve knee, back and shoulder pain, as well as managing shin splints and providing ankle and neck support. Effective for:

  • Providing support to joints and muscles
  • Reducing pain, swelling and inflammation
  • Accelerating recovery and healing from intense exercise and rehab
  • Preventing overuse and over contraction of working muscles

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