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KT Uni glove provides gentle compression for edema in the hand.
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KT Medical compression gloves are crafted of a very fine knit of cotton nylon spandex fabric . Designed with the utmost patient comfort in mind they provide gentle compression to relieve lymphedema and other types of hand edemas. Good for day or nightime wear.  You may insert a compressive pad inside either hand surface.

The Uni compression glove will fit either the right or left hand.  They are pre-sized NON-CUSTOM pieces and come in natural unbleached cotton or "flesh" toned cotton. 

Proper care of the glove will enhance the durability.  Wash in a washing machine with regular laundry detergent.  Warm temperatures are the best.  It is recommended that the glove be placed in an automatic dryer at medium heat. To remove glove grasp at the wrist end and turn inside out as you remove it towards the fingers.  This will prevent tearing and promotes maintenance of the garment's shape.

Please do not cut/trim off glove fingertip areas.  The seams may open. 

Available in 4 styles 13- Short Finger Reg. Wrist 14-Long Finger Reg. Wrist 33- Short Finger Long Wrist 34- Long Fingers Long Wrist. Short or long finger length Short or long length at wrist opening

Sizes:  Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL (3XL and 4XL special order)


(For health reasons gauntles are non-returnable.  Please call for assistance in sizing.)

For more options, check out our large selection of compression gloves for lymphedema and hand gauntlets.

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