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Twin-layered wound dressing made from a polyurethane film and an absorbent hydrocolloid layer.

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Suprasorb H Standard 10 x 10cm (10/Bx) (sku 20403)
Suprasorb H Standard 15 x 15cm (10/Bx) (sku 20401)
Suprasorb H Standard 20 x 20cm (5/Bx) (sku 20402)
Suprasorb H Border 14 x 14cm (5/Bx) (sku 20420)
Suprasorb H Sacrum 14 x 16cm (5/Bx) (sku 20430)
Suprasorb H Thin 5 x 10cm (10/Bx) (sku 20410)
Suprasorb H Thin 5 x 20cm (10/Bx) (sku 20411)
Suprasorb H Thin 10 x 10cm (10/Bx) (sku 20412)
Suprasorb H Thin 15 x 15cm (5/Bx) (sku 20413)
Suprasorb H Thin 20 x 20cm (5/Bx) (sku 20414)

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Suprasorb H is a hydrocolloid dressing for superficial wounds

The twin-layered Suprasorb H dressing is made from a polyurethane film and an absorbent hydrocolloid layer. It is used for treating uninfected superficial wounds with moderate to light exudation in the granulation and epithelization phase. The outer polyurethane layer protects the wound from microorganisms and moisture while still allowing water vapor to escape. The inner hydrocolloid layer absorbs exudate and forms a protective gel which prevents the wound from drying out.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Creates a moist wound environment with good absorption of exudate
  • Easy to apply
  • Flexible which allows it to be used on body parts that are otherwise difficult to dress

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SKU lohmann-suprasorb h
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