FarrowWrap LITE OTS Footpiece

FarrowWrap LITE OTS Footpiece

FarrowWrap Lite OTS Thigh Compression Wrap

FarrowWrap LITE OTS Thighpiece

FarrowWrap Lite Lower Leg Compression Wrap

FarrowWrap Lite Lymphedema Compression Wrap for Legs

A FarrowWrap lymphedema wrap provides a wider range of compression than other traditional compression garments and is an excellent solution for replacing short stretch compression bandages for lymphedema wrapping. FarrowWrap Lite offers a lymphedema wrap that is thinner and provides a lower profile, making it more comfortable and easier to wear under clothing. Easy to use, the FarrowWrap compression wrap also provides steady and comfortable resting compression, as well as higher working compression when you are active.
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farrow-lite legpiece

Lymphedema Compression Wraps

FarrowWrap Lite Lymphedema Compression Wraps


Introducing the FarrowWrap lymphedema compression wraps for legs. The FarrowWrap lymphedema wraps are a popular choice for managing lymphedema of the leg. Simply tighten the bands to the desired compression and loosen as the edema decreases. Once swelling is reduced, the FarrowWrap compression wrap will work to maintain the reduction. Comfortable, durable and requiring little maintenance, a FarrowWrap lymphedema wrap is an easy-to-apply alternative for lymphedema wrapping for those, who:

  •  - Struggle donning (putting on) traditional compression garments, due to weak hand strength, bad back or inability to bend
  •  - Have nonstandard limb shapes
  •  - Have fragile skin or painful limbs that are easily aggravated by traditional compression garments
  •  - Suffer from frequent swelling fluctuation
  •  - Suffer from arterial disease and who cannot tolerate constant high compression levels

Features of FarrowWrap Compression Wraps For Legs

Some of the top features of the FarrowWrap Lite Compression Wraps for Legs include:

  •  - A lightweight, comfortable fabric that is both breathable and durable, and conforms better to limb geometry (provides needed compression, while providing a comfortable, lighter feel)
  •  - Available in several off-the-shelf (OTS) sizes, including regular and tall lengths, to fit your personal needs
  •  - Offers up to 20-30mm Hg compression (excellent for light-to-moderate lymphedema of the leg)
  •  - Can be worn 24 hours a day (slightly loosen locking bands of the FarrowWrap compression wraps for night-time wear)
  •  - Can be worn with a FarrowWrap Lite thigh wrap, FarrowWrap Lite knee wrap, or FarrowWrap Lite foot wrap (for full leg wrapping)
  •  - Comes with a pair of FarrowWrap sock liners (acts as an inner liner to protect the skin)
  •  - Easily adjusts to allow for daily girth fluctuations (can adjust the compression levels based on daily needs)
  •  - Latex free
  •  - Machine washable and dry (no heat)

Uses of FarrowWrap Compression Wraps For Legs

Indications for FarrowWrap Compression Wraps for Legs include:

  •  - Lymphedema wrapping (management of chronic and acute lymphedema, venous edema and other venous conditions)

Other Information About Compression Garments for Lymphedema

Please read our Returns Policy regarding lymphedema compression garments.

If you need assistance with sizing for FarrowWrap compression wraps and compression garments for lymphedema, you can call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern time, at (800) 770-1032, or email us any time at info@bandagesplus.com.

Thousands of Healthcare Products For Post-Surgery and Lymphedema

In addition to FarrowWrap lymphedema wraps and compression garments for lymphedema, we also have a large selection of night time compression garments for lymphedema, as well as compression bras, vests, tops and camisoles, lymphedema shoes and boots, bandaging supplies, compression garments, wound care supplies, and skin care supplies.

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