Lymphedema Bandaging System

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For the treatment and maintenance of acute and chronic lymphedema an effective bandaging system is needed.


Swelling Caused By Damage To The Lymph System

Lymphedema bandaging is designed to help reduce swelling after the lymph system has been damaged (typically as a result of cancer, radiation, surgery, or trauma). When the lymph system becomes damaged, it can’t properly transport lymph fluid, nutrients, and waste material between the body’s tissues and bloodstream. When these accumulate in an area of the body – often an arm or a leg – they can cause the skin to stretch and can even disfigure an area of the body.


Lymphedema Treatment And Management

While there is no cure for lymphedema, effective compression is the most common therapy for treating and managing lymphedema. Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is used to treat lymphedema, manage lymphedema, and reduce limb volume. Lymphedema bandaging applies pressure (even when you’re sleeping) to the affected areas of the body in order to help drain lymph fluid and keep fluid from building up. This helps allow your body to return to its normal shape.


Multi-Layer Compression Bandaging System For Lymphedema

A typical multi-layer compression bandaging system for lymphedema includes:


Comfort And Movement With Lymphedema Bandaging

When lymphedema bandaging is applied properly, it should be tight enough to provide the compression needed, but not painful or uncomfortable. You shouldn’t feel any tingling or numbness because of lymphedema bandaging, and you should be able to move around normally. In fact, movement is an important part of lymphedema treatment and management, because it helps the lymphedema bandaging push the fluid out the affected area of your body.


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