Types of Lymphedema Bandages And Bandaging Supplies

At Bandages Plus we have everything you need for the treatment and management of lymphedema.

Our lymphedema bandages and bandaging supplies include:


Short Stretch Compression Bandages

Short stretch compression bandages provide the highest degree of compression and working pressure for lymphedema bandaging. Typically able to stretch up to 30%-60% of their original size, short stretch compression bandages provide both working pressure (while you’re moving) and resting pressure (while you’re inactive). The extensibility of the bandages helps move lymphatic fluid out of an area of your body.


Medium And Long Stretch Compression Bandages

Medium stretch compression bandages and long stretch compression bandages are similar to short stretch compression bandages, except as their names imply, they have more elasticity and are able to stretch up to 100%-300% of their original size. Typically these bandages are used for support and not for treating or managing lymphedema.


Tubular Stockinettes / Tubular Elastic Bandages

Tubular stockinettes and tubular elastic bandages are used in conjunction with short stretch compression bandages, medium stretch compression bandages, and long stretch compression bandages. Used as an under layer in lymphedema compression bandaging, tubular stockinettes and tubular elastic bandages provide light padding and help protect the skin.


Gauze Bandages

Gauze bandages can be used to wrap fingers and toes, and they can also be used to secure foam pads and padding as part of a lymphedema bandaging system.


Foam, Padding, Pads, And Swell Spots

Foam, padding, and pads and swell spots can help evenly distribute the gradient pressure of short stretch, medium stretch, and long stretch compression bandages. They provide a protective under layer that helps promote lymph fluid drainage and also makes lymphedema bandaging more comfortable to wear.


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