Sizes Of Lymphedema Bandages And Bandaging

We have several types of lymphedema bandages available in a range of sizes.


Sizes Of Short Stretch Compression Bandages

Short stretch compression bandages vary in size from 2 centimeters (approximately ¾ of an inch) to 12 centimeters (approximately 4.75 inches). The wider widths of short stretch compression bandages are generally used for adults’ arms, legs, torsos, and chests. The shorter widths of short stretch compression bandages are generally used for toes, fingers, and children.

We carry the top brands of short stretch compression bandages, including: Comprilan, Rosidal K, BiaForm, SoftCompress, LoPress, Idealbinde, Isoband, and Durelast.


Sizes Of Tubular Stockinettes And Tubular Elastic Bandages

Bandages Plus has developed a sizing guideline to help determine which size of tubular stockinettes and tubular elastic bandages might be the right fit for you. For both, you need to measure around the circumference of the arm or leg to figure out its diameter. When measuring, you should measure around the widest part of the arm or leg.

Measurement Around Arm Or Leg Letter Size Width of Stockinette Or Tubular Bandage
Less than 4” to 4” inches A 1 ⅝ inches (4 centimeters)
4 inches to 5 ¾ inches B 2 ½ inches (6.5 centimeters)
5 ¾ inches to 9 ½ inches C 2 ¾ inches (7 centimeters)
9 ½ inches to 14 inches D 3 inches (7.5 centimeters)
14 inches to 17 ½ inches E 3 ½ inches (9 centimeters)
17 ½ inches to 20 inches F 4 inches (10 centimeters)
20 inches to 26 inches G 5 inches (13 centimeters)
26 inches to 30 inches J 7 inches (18 centimeters)
Greater than 30 inches K 8 ½ inches (21.5 centimeters)
Extra, Extra Large L 13 inches (33 centimeters)


Notes About Sizing For Tubular Stockinettes And Elastic Bandages

Please note that the guidelines above are general guidelines only. Since everyone has different needs and a unique body type, there might not be a “correct” size. No guarantees are made regarding sizing. And it’s important to note that if the tubular stockinettes or elastic bandages are cut, tried on, or stretched, they can’t be returned. Click here to read more about our returns policy for lymphedema bandaging supplies.

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We carry the top brands of tubular stockinettes, including: Tricofix stockinettes, TG stockinettes, TG Jersey cotton stockinettes, PolySoft stockinettes, Alba stockinettes, and Alba synthetic stockinettes.

We also carry the top brands of tubular elastic bandages, including: Comperm LF, Juzo cotton compression stockinettes, EdemaWear compression stockinettes, TG Grip, TG Fix, TG Shape, TG Soft, X-Span, andTenoshape.


For more information about sizing for lymphedema bandages, please call (800) 770-1032, or e-mail .


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