Lymphedema Bandages And Wraps Starter Kits

When you’re first learning about lymphedema and receiving treatments all of the new information can become overwhelming – and it might be hard to remember what to buy.

At Bandages Plus we’ve put together “starter kits” that have everything you need for lymphedema bandaging. Some of the kits have two sets of bandaging materials, so that you can wear one sets of bandages and wash another – with no interruption in your treatment.


Lymphedema Bandaging And Wrap Kits

Each of the lymphedema bandaging kits contains supplies to protect your skin and provide the compression you need to promote lymphatic drainage.

Leg Lymphedema Bandaging And Wrap Kits – these kits are designed to treat lymphedema in feet, ankles, calves, knees, and thighs.

Arm Lymphedema Bandaging And Wrap Kits – these kits are designed to treat lymphedema in hands and arms.


Everything You Need In One Lymphedema Bandaging Kit

Our lymphedema bandaging and wraps kits contain everything you need, including:

  • short stretch compression bandages
  • padding
  • foam roll
  • tubular stockinettes
  • gauze bandages
  • medical tape


Training Kits For Lymphedema Certification Schools

We also have ready-made lymphedema bandaging kits for the different lymphedema therapist and clinician training programs and certifications, including: Klose Training, Monarch Continuing Education, Vodder School International, Springfield Clinic, Edema Rehab, Life Rehabilitation, and Marion.


For more information about our lymphedema bandaging and wraps starter kits, please call (800) 770-1032, or e-mail .


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