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Bandages Plus Blog

Your online resource for articles and information on lymphedema and associated conditions, treatments, and supplies.

How to Care for Wounds with Hydrogel Dressings

Hydrogel dressings are one the most widely used methods of dressing a wound. Made of roughly 90% water, hydrogels provide adequet moisture which can accelerate healing time. Initially, they were designed to help in regulating fluid exchanges on the surface of the wound.


image of EdemaWear Compression Stockinette on a person's leg.EdemaWear®: A Game Changer

by DeLana Honaker PhD, OTR, CLT, FAOTA

In my search for a better alternative, I came across EdemaWear® Compression Stockinettes at BandagesPlus and have been using them with excellent results with my patients and even for myself and my friends. One the best features of EdemaWear® Compression Stockinettes is that it’s technology acts in a "shrink wrap" fashion, meaning that the stockinette shapes itself to the extremity's contours and provides continuous and consistent. Read More >>



Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND®: A New Bandaging Alternative

Ever since KT Medical stopped producing their unique finger and toe wraps a number of years ago, we have had constant inquiries for a replacement product.  Unfortunately, there was nothing that we could recommend to our customers.  Because we understood the need for a durable, yet comfortable finger and toe wrap that would be able to provide effective compression, we continuously sought out a suitable replacement for the KT Medical wraps.  After years of searching, we are pleased to announce that we are able to offer our customers the new Bandages Plus Finger and ToeBAND®Read More >>

Bandages Plus ToeBAND


image of CompreFLEX LITE Compression Wraps on persons legCompreFLEX LITE Compression Wraps®: Full proof and accurate compression

by Robyn A (Redd) Smith, M.Ed., COTA/L, CLWT, CLT

Owner: Life Rehabilitation, LC – Salt Lake City, Utah

CompreFLEX LITE® - Providing full proof, accurate compression

As lymphedema therapists, we know our patients don’t always follow the instructions we give them. Whether you call it compliance or adherence, we know that following the rules of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is paramount to successful outcomes. In my practice, I have seen wraps erroneously placed upside down, inside out, and backwards. One time, I saw all three errors at once. Improper donning can, not only slow down CDT progress, but, more importantly, be dangerous for the patient. I have spent years testing the top Velcro® wraps available in search of wraps that are “fool proof.” I finally found one a little over a year ago with BiaCare brand CompreFLEX LITE Compression Wraps from Sigvaris. Read More >>